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Can Someone Give Me Acouple Diy Links For?


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Google is your friend, but anyway.

General guitar gadgets

Thats a good place to start.

small bear

Small bear is great, has almost everything you need too.

Be warned, your first effect probably won't work. You will spend alot of time pissing around trying to make it work, and like me will have wasted a good amount of cash.

That said, about a year later I got back into it, and now have a line of 5 or 6 effects I'm producing.

Just don't count on getting addicted like I did. Building my own wasn't a cheap way to do it. And I now regret spending all the time and money I did.

I could've got a real job, none of this guitar rubbish :D

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Thanks for the sites! How much does it cost in $$ to build an effects box on average would you say? I'm reling on the expertise of my Father to guide me in this adventure. He's 68 has been building things for 60 years. Started out with transistor radio's became a mechanic has built engines then got a pilots license and built his own plane. He's now helping me with learning proper way to use tools on my 1st guitar build (which has hit a few road bumps mostly my fault) but we're both eager to finish that one learn from are mistakes and move on.

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Umm, let's see.

My first overdrive cost me, aout $35US.

Second one was about $80US(far more complex than anything else I've seen though)

At my current buy rates(between 10 and 100 of each item at a time), I can have a boxed and labelled simple booster or overdrive(including pcb) for around $45US.

Using those crumby pcb's some sites sell(only suited to one off production) you could get the cost down to about 35-40, maybe. But that's really pushing it.

Your father sounds like a good guy to help.

Oh and a good first project would be the OD250. I'm not big on the sound, but its quite a rewarding build.

Mr A.

edit : One thing I should've mentioned, is I don't skimp on anything. So using more DIY friendly methods, you might be able to cut the cost a little more.

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