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Ebony Vs Rosewood Fretboard

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I was recently told by my guitar teacher that had used a ebony fretboard and would leave black crap all over his hands and felt chalky...

I love the darkness, and I might just blacken some rosewood if that really is the case for ebony..

I've never had that problem with an ebony board - maybe he had a lower-grade piece of ebony that had been dyed black - poorly.

FWIW I prefer the look, feel, and sound of rosewood (undyed).

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It's either filth or stain, not the wood itself, not if it was treated properly. I love the feel and look of ebony, and inlaying into it, but tonally I like the clarity and warmth rosewood has over ebony's slight tendency to damp resonance (go tap an ebony blank, and tap a rosewood blank; gaboon/black ebony's probably the least 'musical' non-figured wood I use).

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