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Design Complete! (?) Time To Make Some Templates...


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I believe I have finally nailed the design for my first guitar. I've got my work cut out for me, but I'm confident this will be great. Wanted to share and get some final feedback from the crowd.


First suggested here.

The final design has pushed back the string ferrules to give the right break angle over the TOM, the neck pocket is set to give good action w/ room for TOM adjustability without requiring a angled neck pocket, and everything EVERYTHING is to scale and modeled correctly in 3D (hooray for CAD, saved me a lot of headaches to be sure). I even modeled the small knot in the flamed-koa top-plate I'm using to keep it away from the edges and fits right in the waist while finishing the layout.

So, what's the verdict? Time to get some templates laser-cut and start making chips? It's still easy to make changes, such is the beauty of computer modeling, so don't hold back.


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I like everything about it except for the 5 controls so close to the edge. I would aim for no more than 3-4 controls spaced more traditionally around the f-hole

I tried lots and lots of knob configurations and while the arrangement I have here is less than "traditional" or common in guitars (pretty common in custom bases) it does the best with 5 knobs.

I plan on using 2 hand-wound (by me) 'buckers and a graphtech piezo TOM. The knobs, left to right from the player's perspective will be:

1. Mag pickups Master Volume

2. Neck Tone (push/pull coil split)

3. Bridge Tone (push/pull coil split)

4. Mag 'pups Blend

5. Piezo Volume (push/pull for piezo off/piezo blend)

Considering using the stock switch for piezo off/blend/only but I can't imagine only using the piezos and if I did I would just blend it in and crank the piezo volume while cutting the mags.

Any chinks in the electronics setup?

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