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Nother Scarf Joint Question


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hey. i was just wondering in what order you do your cuts when you scarf joint. like cut the neck shape first, then the head, etc. cuz whatever i can think of it would have at least one akward cut. like having to hold something very stedily on an angle, and crap like that. thanks in advance.

btw if i didnt explain it very well just say something :D

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I take the true up blank, and cut the scarf. I then plane the joint surfaces perfect and glue it up. So now you have a normal square blank but with the angle. I then, while I still have trued sides) route the truss rod cavity. Then I rought sawn around the template, route with the template, glue on routed-to-shape fretboard, carve neck to shape, then fret with a caul to support the carve neck from behind.


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