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Looking For Mohawk Nitro Lacquer..or Equivalent

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I've spent close to 2 hours looking for a gallon of Mohawk Nitro Lacquer. But I seem ot be finding everything else.

My luthier got me started spraying and he bought 10 gallons of Mohawk years ago and is jsut about to run out. He thins with Dupont 3160 acrylic thinner and his lacquer jobs are excellent.

If you can help me find a source for Mohawk Notro or equivalent, I'd greatly appreciate it

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Thanks for the link to Mowhawk, guys!

I've been doing some intensive research into finishing, and I'm pretty set on getting HoK BC-25 Black in the ready-to-spray bottles they sell. I assume that 8-12 ounces is enough to do one body. Along with that, I want to do red accents with the KK11 Apple Red in the same ready-to-spray bottles. The black can be finished with either lacquer (acrylic = nitro?) or urethane enamel, but the candy red is urethane, so I'll have to finish with a urethane clear.

But thanks to the Mowhawk site, I've come across some clear that is far cheaper than the HoK stuff.


Does anyone have an opinion on the urethane/nitro combined clear? Some of that and some reducer is much cheaper than getting the required bottles from HoK. I've never heard of the brand OR the combined clear, but if it's reputable, then I'll get some. I couldn't find any straight urethane clear on this website, and this was the closest thing.

Any feedback or additional sites I should look at would be helpful :D

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