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Fret Tang Nippers


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I have...they suck. All they are is a Radio Shack Nibbling Tool with a slot cut in the base. Literally, I know for a fact this is what this guy does.

I had to bare down with both hands just to get it to cut. Save your money.

I thought those looked like the Radio Shack nibblers. I have a pair of those too (for nibbling, not for frets), and they do suck. The stew-mac ones can be found elsewhere on the net for a lot less too, if you want to look. Or just get them from stew-mac and be done with it.

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Thay are indeed the Radio Shack type of nibblers. I got the same ones here that I modified myself to use as fret nippers. Have a look at post #10 in this thread to see my mini-tutorial on modifying one. They worked well for a bout a day. Now they're a pain in the ass to use, the fretwire gets stuck in the nipping part of the thing, ruining some of my fretwire.

I'll probably go with the stewmac one next time, or modify a Klein nibbler which is the brand stewmac uses for it's nippers.

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