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String Buzz-a Nut Problem?

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That buzz can be caused by the nut if the slot is too wide and does not hold the string snug, or if the string angle over the nut is too shallow. Does your strat have a string tree to keep the string tight against the nut? Is the nut slot cut in a gentle slope back down towards the head? By steepening the angle a tiny bit it can help. With a razor saw or nut file this is literally two strokes of the file to solve. If the nut is too wide then try a thin piece of foil trapped against the string in the slot. Does that cure the buzz? You need a new nut.

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Hello all, just built my first guitar. Its a strat. All seems to be right when i strung it up except for a tinny buzz on the open high E string. WHen i fret it-it sounds great, when I play it open it is very tinny. SOmeone said it could be the nut. How could I fix that>>>>>???????\

Help please!!!

Is it a Mighty Mite neck? If so, replace the cheap plastic nut with something like a Tusq nut from Graph-Tech. You can get them preslotted, but you'll still have to do some fitting. It's not that big a deal.

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I've used 3 MM necks and had the same problem on all of them. Work the old nut out without gouging the fretboard (I use pliers, but use what works for you). Make sure the slot is clean and flat. A dab of glue on the ends of the new nut and you're good. I use Titebond Original or Elmer's wood glue, whichever is handy.

Caveat: I am a hobby/tinkerer, not a luthier/builder/repairman/whatever. Whatever you do, read up first and think the steps through. Google is your friend. Make sure you have everything you need before you start, and don't get in a hurry.

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