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String Related Question

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so im thinking about making "an instrument"

this only exists in my head and on paper at Jack Astors

the best way to describe it would be , an upright bass ; that looks like a sitar; with less strings than a harp

follow? no; thats ok ;

my question is about the strings;

i want this to be electric;

i got into a discussion with my buddy and where talkin about possible piano strings or something like that ,that has a wide variety of size and length;

will pickups catch the string resonance of piano/harp wire?

or any suggestions?

im not set on doing this but it would be cool; but theres alot to research first


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You CAN get piano-like strings that pickups can sense. Whether standard strings can be or not, I'm not sure. But there are some old keyboards out there (Helpinstill electric pianos are an example) that use strings and some form of pickup (electromagnetic in Helpinstill, piezo in other other makes, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia). You would find some of those strings, or even an entire keyboard to hack up for this purpose.

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