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Another Fretboard Removal Method


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I'm not sure this really qualifies as a tutorial but here is my method of removing a screwed up fretboard from a bolt on neck.

As you will see the fretboard was installed incorrectly therefore no need to salvage the fretboard. This Neck was purchased on EBAY and the seller would not take refund or exchange this neck. I will not name names, but please be careful when purchasing. Even though they have numerous Positives.

My Nephew bought this neck as well as a body from someone. The body will be the next segment on fixing the unscrupulous sellers parts( broken screws in the holes).

Hope this helps someone. See link below

Mike K


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I don't get it...using heat, you would have had the board off, intact, in five minutes.

The board was no good. It was installed wrong so that the frets were at an angle to the centerline. therefore no need to save the board. This process took maybe 20mins and the neck is ready and sanded for the new board.

Oh Well !! Like I said this is another method. LOL:)))

Thanks for the input Mick.


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