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Pre-slotted Fretboard...

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I got a board from Stewart McDonalds . . . it's nice but you don't have too many options. LMI, on the other hand, can make boards in more scales, more radii, and more types of wood than StewMac, but they're a bit pricier.

The StewMac one is great if the specs match what you're looking for :D

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Seems like no one offers 9.5" radii. Guess I'll have to do that myself. Would a 12" radius feel a lot different from a 9.5"?

Thanks for the links guys.


I drew this up quickly in Coreldraw. It's a comparison between a 12" and a 9.5" radius. There is a 0.34mm difference in height at the edge of the fingerboard between the two (this is at a 56mm fretboard width which is how usually wide the neck is around the last fret).


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