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Universal Tablesaw Jig


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Yeah, it's featured in an issue of WOOD magazine from several months ago. I'll try to locate the issue the kit, if you go that route, its' avaiable from Schlabaugh & Sons. Type it into Google and their site will come up. Kathy Matsushita, on her web site has a sled for cutting scarf joints; I suppose you can use a compund miter saw for that. The jig you mentioned is great for tapering necks and fingerboards. :D

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OK. The site is www.schsons.com The laser etched panel is $25. The whole kit is on sale for about $95, but if you use regular birch plywood or mdf from your lumber yard and check some other sites such as Grizzly for the hardware you can save quite a few bucks. If you want the plans, check Wood magazine's website or you local library for that issue. I can scan the article if you'd like and send it to you when I find it in my mess of an office.

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Hi Guys. I'm the dork in the video being discussed here, so I thought I'd throw in and tell you what I thought of it.

The premise behind the video - WOOD magazine sent me the kit and and asked that I do video on the assembly and usage for their tablesaw month promotion.

Would I buy the kit, now that I've assembled and used it? No, I wouldn't buy the whole kit. I would buy just the laser engraved main table and get the hardware elsewhere. I didn't like the t-track or the square head bolts that come with the kit. I also don't think all that is worth an extra ($70). Rockler often puts their hardware kit on sale for $9.99 - this should include a lot of what you need.

The laser engraved table is worth the $25 in my opinion. It's dead-on accurate, and having every angle etched in the table is awesome (something I wouldn't want to draw on by hand). I've always used my chop saw to cut angles before getting this jig. I'm definitely converted over to doing it on the tablesaw after using this jig.

I am not affiliated with Schlabaugh and Sons (the makers of the kit).

Please let me know if you have any questions about the jig.


John Nixon


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Thanks for taking the time to post here! I was seriously considering ordering one until I realized I could make everything myself with ease. Then I came to realizing how handy the laser engraved table would be. Must find one of those tables!

Thanks again for making the tutorials, they're more than helpful.

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