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Metal Covered Guitar


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Here's a design that I came up with a while ago:


I've been thinking....rather than having a silver/metal bottom coat, why not cover it in sheet material like steel or aluminium & then paint over it & then sand/grind it off? The pickups on the concept pick are just ones that I've got lying around but I could fit some chrome covers & mess them up to.

Here's my thoughts....

Aluminium (UK spelling :D ), it's light & flexible but harder to join & paint.

Steel, my dad works with it all day & could help me out, it's cheap, paints easily but is heavier.

Copper sheet, can be moulded easily but not very good for anything else.

Curve top would be tricky unless it is shaped into the metal with a grinder...which could prove heavy.

weight could be kept down by chambering.

maybe just cover the front & sides

How would the material be attached?....glue?

here's the image that sparked this off, from sims custom shop:


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Maybe screwing it down with countersunk screws and then putting filler in to cover the scew heads? wouldn't matter as long as these areas were painted. If not I'd go with apoxy resin if I had to glue it on.

I'd probably go for steel...as long as it was only a thin sheet it wouldn't really add much to the weight of the guitar.


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You could try and get some of this.


I'm not sure of its avaliablility in the UK, but it seems it'd do the job reasonably.

I have seen that in the UK, it's often sold as a car accessory especially the carbon fibre stuff, the boy racers love it :D The trouble with that is that it's really just plastic or vinyl sheet with a metallic finish. I used to work with it when I was a sign writer & although it's easy to apply (with experience) the glue softens with moderate heat & the material shifts over time leaving a gooey mess behind it. I also doubt that it could be covered with many regular paints, I have screenprinted onto it with specialist inks but even then it would melt it a little.

I'll have a talk with my dad & see what he thinks about the metal work as I don't have much of a clue. As for fixing it to the body...hmm, I was thinking of epoxy or similar but the screws could actually add a bit to it if filled & then partially exposed....hehe, everyone's trying to make pretty guitars & I'm thinking up ways to make an ugly one :D

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my dad thought that it was aluminium too but when looking at some other pics of that guitar it's obvious that the body is completely flat, it's just the grinding pattern making it look carved. We've had a chat about it & will settle on something definite over the next few weeks while I get the neck & pickup routes done....it's looking like it will be just the front covered with some silver paint on the back & sides

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