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35" Scale Or String Through?

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I'm planning my next build and i'm asking which option will be the best. 35" scale or string through body? I know that both option combined will be the best but extra long scale are hard to find here (special order only) I belive that both ways will give me the same string tension but i want to know your opinion. Oh, it gona be a 6 strings bass.



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I prefer a 35" scale for the low B string. Why not combine the two?

Like he said:

extra long scale are hard to find here

With most standard sets of strings the full thickness of the E string will not reach the nut if it is strung through the body with a 35" scale. Longer strings can be found easily on the internet but you need to know what you are looking for - most sites selling strings dont give measurements for length

On my 35" scale bass i just finished i used one of the hipshot bridges that lets you choose for each string whether you want it top loaded or through the body. The E string has to be top loading but the A, D and G can be either. If i want it all through the body i will need to find order longer strings.

Oh and in answer to the original question - i think the 35" scale will do more to get the right tension than the through body stringing. The through body stringing thing is more about percieved tension rather than the longer scale length which actual changes the tension of the vibrating part of the string.

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