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hi there

capacitors are quite easy to get. as for best brands, i can truly say i have never seen a brand name capacitor. most of the time they are made in china or taiwan or where ever else they make capacitors.

and don't buy them off the net, that would be waste of time and money. they only cost like less then a buck. check out your local Tandy or Radio Shack or Jay Car or what ever the electronic component shops are in your area. or look for one in your phone book or something. if they have plenty of them in Brisbane, Australia, they must have plenty of them where you're at. :D i hope this helps.


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53pF is not a standard value. You might have to settle for the closest which would be 56pF. Hi-fidelity audio designers usually use mylar, mica, polyester or polystyrene capacitors. Use one of those if you can find it but for guitar, where distortion is the norm, you normally won't see a difference using the more common ceramic capacitors.

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use film or silver mica where ever you can, personally there are allsorts of high dollar ceramics when it comes to ceramics ie ike for you your 53pf which can be found at most good electronic stores, i go with the cheapest..

aslo you can make your own for a little bit of nothing and they are qutie easy to make

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hmm my ratshack carries them, as well as shields.

and i have a bout 20 of them in a drawer,

after checking i also have a silver mica in that measurement too..

but then again i am weird i take aprt stuff everyday and save it.. so i have caps that msot people don't i guess

i have 4.7uf FILM caps, which i haven't seen anywhere before

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