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My First Inlay Job


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Hi all..

I'm Gr3y, from Singapore.Really into guitar playing and luthiering as well as modifications of guitar parts from traditional methods.. I aint any good craftman nor a skillful guitarist, just someone that is very ambitious about this mysterical side of the world..

i've actually registered as a user here for a long time but never have i made any post.. most of the time i just read.. but reading is good.. coz thats how it leads me to do e inlays!

I did this inlay as per the tutorial at the web.Many thanks for those great information!

These shots i've posted are taken with a cheap digital camera and they are selectively taken.. meaning.. they show only the better inlays i've done.. hahaa. .

I've yet file the side to a perfect straigh fit yet and yes.. it is a maple fingerboard painted black to look like ebony.. i aint rich enuff to buy ebony to do it.. and since its the 1st time i'm doing inlay i decided to keep it low budget and see how it goes..





Alrite.. feedback pls! Nasty or Nice up to you! :D

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It's essentially a router guided by a computer... ie: it cuts pieces, and routes cavities, etc. with absolute perfect precision.


Those stuff are way beyond what i can afford for sure! these are made w/o those great gadget.. it'll be great if i have this CNC for sure! but nevertheless i'll wanna learn and continue the art of inlaying.. haha but with aids from small machinaries...

Those pyramid pieces are cutted out by using a hand held jewellers saw and the slots are done with dremel and dremel base.. Maple is 1 difficult wood to hand i must say!

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I said that the maple is hard to inlay into because I didn't have time to fully read what he wrote, and thought he did TWO inlays, one in maple, one in ebony; and maple is hard because any mistake in routing show up 10 fold worse than with ebony (which you can use black epoxy with to hide mistakes). HOWEVER, he did the right thing by dyeing (did you dye it, or do you actually mean you used paint?) the maple black if he wants to hide any mistake in the routing of his first inlay.

Also, check your PM, I lived in singapore for a long time, lets talk.


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