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Cut And Solder?


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Ok, I need to get the electronics out of my guitar,(cheap walmart firstact) now I need to know-

The wire going to the pickup, can I just cut that, and then solder it back togeather or do I have to de soilder it frome the wiring it's self? I dont want to screw up the picup, you know? Thx



Humbucker BTW

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If you think it might be hard to fish the new wire back into the hole try this;

After you desolder the old wire from the pot you can tape a piece of string or another piece of wire to it before you pull it out.

After the string (or wire) is pulled through the hole, pull the tape off and leave the string 'till your ready to put in the new one.

Then you can tape the new wire to it and pull it back into the control cavity.

Hope that makes sense. :D

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I NEVER cut wires unless its near the solder joint and is in the way, ie. awkward to remove without damaging other wires etc. Then just strip back the insulation and tin the end. You should have no trouble pushing the wire thru that hole. If you can't remember which wire goes where then its wise to make a little drawing of the components and wires. I've even used a felt marker or piece of tape to tell apart wires of the same color, (hmmm which pickup was it)?? :D

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