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Different Wiring Diagrams


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Hello people, I recently bought a new switch from Allparts and searched for a diagram for a HSS 1 vol. 1 tone.

and found 3 diagrams. These are the links.

Wiring diagram 1

Wiring diagram 2

Wiring diagram 3

All 3 are different including the poles of the 5 way switch. Well in the 2 seymour diagrams the switches line up

the same and the switch from guitarelectronics its the opposite. This is the way I have my switch.


I dont know if its important the way my switch is compared to the diagram I use. But now I want to know if I

can adapt the wiring from the 2 seymour pages to better fit my switch. By this I mean

solder the wires from the left side to the right and the right to the left. And which wiring is better and what's

the difference? :D

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Thing with 5 way switches is there are loadsa different types.

Best way...

Find the tag on the switch that is going to go to the HOT output (ie to the volume) in the position you want say... the bridge pickup to be active... and solder the bridge pickup lead to it. Those diagrams get a bit confusing unless you have an identical switch.


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hi JTech,

it doesn't matter which direction those switches are installed.

the poles (common "moveable" contacts) are on the lower left, and upper right.

as far as which wiring is "better" ?

#3 gives you one coil of the HB, and the middle pickup, when the switch is in the B+M position.

#1 and #2 gives you both coils of the HB, and the middle pickup, when the switch is in the B+M position.

so it depends on which sound you want.

#1 and #2 do exactly the same thing, but #2 is layed out, closer to what you will see, on the back side of your pickguard.

so IF you prefer that the full HB and middle for B+M, #2 might be easier to follow.

also, in #2, the wire from the left lug of the volume pot, first goes to the pole on the upper right of the switch.

that connection is not needed. there are no throws connected on that side of the switch.

you could just connect directly to the lower left pole.



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If you are talking about the one you could see posted up there I redrew it from the one in guitar electronics

then stretched out a little so it could be bigger. I used MS paint. hope that answered your question TomN.

THanks for all the help guys I went with diagram 2 like unklmickey said. Sounds great :D . Are there any mods

I can do to that diagram?

Thanks again :D

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