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Warmoth WGD Dimension Needed

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Alright boys and girls!

The final shape of my new guitar project has materialised. I'm intending to base it on the Warmoth WGD body. I keep finding the odd picture of it, but what I really need is a photo of the body with the neck attached so that I can and trace round it in AutoCAD and tweek it.

If anyone out there can find a photo of the body with a neck attached could you please post it for me. Or alternatively just the dimension across the widest part of the body.

Should have grovelled enough to the bank manager for a loan, so I'll actually have the money to start soon (the furniture for the new house can wait, I can always sit on the workmate).

I hope the guitar of the month comp is still open into next year, because I'm coming to get ya. This is gonna be a thing of beauty.

While I'm hear, does anyone know where I can buy pickup bobbins and magnets in the uk? :D

Cheers folks!

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Here's some specs:

Scale length 25.50 in, long scale

Set neck Western Flame Maple, Purpleheart, Cherry

Fingerboard Ebony with Mother of Pearl oval inlays

Nut width 1.58 in

24th fret width 2.18 in

Peghead Alembic Crown, Ebony face with silver inlaid logo and shell

Truss rods dual, body adjust

Body material Western Flame Maple

Body depth 1.82 in, hollow construction

Finish gloss polyester, satin neck

Pickups Alembic STR, HG, HG

Controls master volume, filter for each pickup, off/on/bright for each pickup, mono output, TRS effects loop, on/off for effects loop

Tailpiece Ebony and brass bird

Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh

Average weight 8.5 pounds

100% Made in USA

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Nice one guys.

I've been playing on autocad over the weekend drinking and having a bit of a :D and I'm getting close to the final shape already. I'm not going to copy the guitar exactly because then it wouldn't be mine anymore, I'm just going to overlap it onto my drawing to help smooth out some of the more awkward curves.

Anyone got any suggestions about those pup bobbins or magnets? Also a good Luthier Supplier in England (preferably the midlands), I already know David Dyke but I generally work on recomendations.

See ya.

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