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Recessed Tom Bridge W/ Bigsby Trem?

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Hi. I am in the process of building a Korina Neck-Thru SG with a Bigsby Vibrato. I was trying to decide the best approach to making the neck angle, when I wondered about recessing the bridge. But does anyone know if there will be enough tension on the bridge if I do this?

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I should think it should. If you recess it, how far do you plan to go and why do you want to? neck angle is probably fine with a standard Gibson angle on the neck. Some lp's have been retrofitted with Bigsbys without much problem. There's a builder of basses with a site and he's recessed some of the bridges. Sometimes it's done for the action or merely the look. But make a drawing and use the formulas (see tech area) to determine the angle. That is probably your best bet and place to start. I'm sure the guys with a lot more experience than I can comment. :D

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