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Another Neverending Project

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A few years ago, I purchased a guitar off of ebay. The guitar was a Fender Heartfield Talon. Here is a picture of a guitar exactly like the one I bought (same color and all):


A little while back, I really started to hate the Floyd Rose II on this thing. Not only because it was an inferior trem, but mostly because I didn't use it and it was ugly as sin to me. In any other circumstance, I would just find and buy another guitar that might suite me better. So, for the time being I bought a Tremol-No and set it to hardtail mode. It was nice, but I still hated the look of this damn trem.

I set out on a mission to make this guitar everything I want in an axe. Hardtail, simple hardware & electronics, versatile tones, and an easy player.

This is the result of what I've done so far ...


Here's the nut I used to replace the FR locking nut:


It's an Ebanol replacement from Allparts.com

Here is a closeup of the body so far:


This bridge (in black) is waiting for holes to be drilled:


There are plenty of dings and scratches in the body, considering it is made of basswood. I don't care, though, as long as it feels and sounds the way I want. I've replaced the pickups with a selection of choice Dimarzio pieces. Breed bridge, FS-1 rwrp middle, Hum. from Hell neck (had to cut the pickguard for a humbucker). The pots (CTS), selector switch (YM50), cap (Sprague Orange Drop), and output jack (Switchcraft) have all been installed and are ready to go.

I hope that everything goes smoothly with this thing, because I'm extremely excited to play it. Many people would tell me that it's not worth the time/money, but it is to me.

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i like what your saying, what your doing, i think it would be worth it.

great upgrade.

can wait to see it finished.

good luck.

you a metal player too?

I don't really consider myself a metal player, although I do listen to a lot of it. The pickups really provide a huge range of sounds, especially with the coil splitting ability of the switch. Here are the pickup combinations it can do with the current wiring:

1: Breed HB

2: Breed SC bridge & FS-1 middle

3: FS-1 middle

4: FS-1 middle & HFH SC neck

5: Humbucker from Hell

The tones range from great hard rock/metal sounds with the Breed pickup, to strat-like sounds with the split coils combined with middle pickup, then to the sweetest clean sounds I've ever heard coming from the neck pickup.

I like that Hipshot bridge. How heavy is it?

heavy enough. It's solid machined brass. I think it will really help the strings take advantage of the basswood body, instead of relying on the stupid FRII it had before.

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