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Extending Rosewood Fretboard/adding 22nd Fret?

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Why bother? You get exactly 1 semitone extra. I personally never go up that high, but if I needed that one semitone really badly, I'd just bend up to it. :D

I don't mean to poop on your idea, but honestly, there's such an insignificant advantage that I can't even imagine why you'd want to think about it. Particularly since just adding an "extension" would be a work of fair complexity unless I'm overlooking something that someone else might have thought of. A 1/4" overhang with a fret slot... I can't imagine any way of doing this elegantly that doesn't just scream out "way more effort than it's worth."

1 semitone! A Half-step!

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I know it seems silly, and overall, it is. But there are some songs I like to play along to here at home where it's needed. Seems like I have seen a SRV neck added to before (on eBay).

No rule against owning more than one guitar, you know :D

If you really wanted to pursue the idea, I'd think you'd need some pretty good skills...nothing's impossible.

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