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Les Paul Bass

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I've recently came across an old (60's-70's) model Les Paul Bass guitar, natural finish, set neck, short scale, everything typical of a Les Paul. My problem is I cannot find any info on this Bass anywhere. The Vintage Gibson sites have no info on it at all. I was wondering if anyone may happen to know anything about this Bass. Any info would be appericiated greatly. I would post picts but I don't have a cam :D

Thanks Lizard_King

The individual that gave the bass to me also has an old LP that the lead guitar player for REO Speedwagon used to play.

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Yep, that's it. And I have to say I've played alot of other basses (having started out on bass and switching to guitar). This is one of the best sounding basses I have ever played, and I happen to love the short scale length of it. Thanks for the link by the way.


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That's a Triumph bass, sister to the Les Paul Recording line of gits. It has a lo-impedance system with a multitude of settings. The pickups are stacked humbuckers with approx. 300 winds of 23 gauge wire, and epoxy potted. Body is solid mahogany. Neck was either mahogany or 3 piece maple. Body is slightly larger than the normal LP. There are sites under les paul recording. Parts are hard to come by. I think I have a schematic if you ever need it. It was designed for both studio and live work. Your model may have the built in transformer to boost it to an amp for live play. It's a very clean sounding guitar. :D

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