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Three Hours To Drill A Hole!

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Well, okay, six holes. I think that's a new record for me.... :DB)

Well, that's only 30 minutes per hole...

15 minutes of pondering

5 minutes to measure and re-measure

4 minutes for more pondering and re-measuring

30 seconds to drill

5 1/2 minutes to admire your workmanship

Sounds like me. Totally reasonable. :D:D

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Ferrules? Are you kidding? Those would take me a week-- you can SEE those :D

I was drilling the holes for the vintage style trem I've been trying to install all week...so it was more like, 2 hours and 55 minutes spent measuring, remeasuring, re-checking the center line, checking how my strat is set up (luckily!), re-measuring, opening up the cavity a bit to shift things over another millimeter, remeasuring (because I was originally setting the trem according to its own center line, that is, the center line between the saddles, then I discovered that that's now the way my strat is set--it's shifted over a millimeter or so, which gives a bit more of the fretboard to the high E), remeasuring, remeasuring...

And then five minutes to drill. :D

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Yeah, but I bet you're pretty happy with those holes, eh? :D

Heh heh...too bad they're covered up...but now I can move on finally, had to get the bridge in place before I could route for the pickups...guitar should be sanded and ready sometime this week...

Oh yeah, my drill doesn't have a reverse...maybe that's my problem :D

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