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Can I Recoat To Toughen Paint Up?

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i used BIN shellac primer over sand an seal according to REranch directionl. then acrylic lacquer. after several coats it seems chippy fragile. should i restrip or fix chippy areas and use krylon lacquer over it if the krylon isnt too hot. i used acrylic becaus eit wa flat balck like i wanted. i knwo the krylon is harder than heck. will it be ok or will it still chip becasue the BIN lets it chip too teh wood.

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If you want a more durable clearcoat, Krylon is probably the worst solution.

Krylon stays soft for up to a year, and is prone to chemical reactions causing wrinkles and cracks to form in the finish.

I've had success clearcoating acrylic lacquer with acrylic urethane, but this was after waiting up to a year for the acrylic lacquer to fully cure.

If you're trying to achieve a "flat" finish, you can try adding a flatening agent to the acrylic urethane clearcoat.

Good luck (and stay away from that crap in a can). :D

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