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Newbie Question About Emg Intalation


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It's not a stupid question.

It sounds to me like you don't even need the Kerry King setup, you're not going to use all of it.

Best off to research the EMG website, look over their options, list what you have for possibilities, then MAKE YOUR OWN SETUP BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

EMG will custom make any setup you want, and they're very friendly on the phone.

You will start with the 81/85 2-hbuckers. That is your 'base' setup.

You have three holes, and maybe room to install a PA-2 booster on your pickguard.

Personally, I would go volume (top pot) tone (middle pot), then the third pot is up to you.

You could use an SPC (midrange frequency booster), or an EXG (drops midrange, boosts trebles and bass frequencies), or an RPC (boosts trebles, but not the real high end)

Whatever music you tend to play should help you decide which is best for you.

You WILL need to assemble and solder everything together, don't get the idea that just because they come with pre-wired slide connectors that you will simply slide everything together and be good to go, it doesn't work like that.

BUT...THEY WILL DO IT FOR YOU for a price.

They'll do anything you want really, you just need to call them and tell them what you want done.

You will have to modify the Kerry King setup, so since they offer everything alal carte, it's silly to buy it since you'd have to change it anyway.

So, if you did it the way I recommended, you would need:

1) 85

1) 81

1) 25K volume pot

1) 25K tone pot

1) PA-2 booster

1) capacitor

1) output jack assembly

1) 3-way selector switch

1) whatever 3rd specialty pot you choose, the EXG, SPC, or RPC control.

Now, compare that parts list to what you get on the Kerry King setup, why bother buying parts you won't use, and will have to modify the setup right off the bat, when they'll make you what you want, AND you'll get an additional specialty pot of your choice?

OR you order what you need and assemble it yourself if you can do that. You WILL have to modify the KK setup anyway, so it's not like the KK was going to be a walk in the park anyhow...

I never use 2 volume pots, I just adjust the pickup heights up or down depending on how much louder I want the bridge to be, I never understood why anyone needed 2 volume pots in the first place...

Let me break it down for you like this: EMG has a certain amount of pickups they offer, and a certain amount of pots they offer, all their pickup 'kits' are just tossing different pickups with different pots, but there is only a certain amount of what they have, and when you understand their 'menu', you'll see this is true, and you will then see that YOU can pick and choose from that same menu to make whatever you want, just like they do.

This is their basic 'menu' of goods (for guitar)

Their pickup line (I don't need to list these)

25K pots for volume and tone controls

Output jack (that connects/disconnects the battery)

EXG control

SPC control

RPC control

Afterburner pre-amp

PA-2 pre-amp

That's it, that's their basic drop doen menu of parts you can choose from.

BTW, the Afterburner and the PA-2 are IDENTICAL pre-amps, one is on e pot like your volume or tone, you pull it up and turn to boost, the PA-2 is on a mini-switch and has a trimmer pot inside that you adjust to suit.

The Afterburner is always adjustable, but takes up more real estate topside.

The PA-2 is either off or on (to where you set the trim pot), that's it, but takes up less real estate topside since it's just a mini-switch.

All of their own custom pickguard assemblies are chosen from these very same choices, there's no need to buy one of their kits if that kit will not drop directly in for you. If you have to modify it, you're better off just making up your own menu.

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No doubt, Drak. I think ever since that KFK set came out we must've had 10 people posting "how do I do this without this?" questions on it. Great marketing idea for EMG, prolly better than the ZW set was for them, but it's bad that they haven't been including better support with the set or going into more detail about what exactly it will do, other than supposedly making you sound like Kerry King.

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