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Mystery Acoustic

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Hi folks,

In a shopping trip to London yesterday I managed to pick up a rather very inexpensive acoustic guitar for messing about, taking around to friends' places &C. It seems to be in good condition, however it does not have a single piece of evidence to show who it was made by.


Interesting points of note - well, there's little that's actually interesting on this guitar, but the little things are the pattern on the headstock, the odd translucent plastic used on the headstock cover, front and back edge binding (allthough no binding down the centre of the back, or the centre of the bottom where the strap button is), the number 085760 stamped inside and Schaller "Made in W. Germany" tuners.


The tuners seem to be replacements, and I can see the imprint of the original tuners and extra screw holes: the original tuners (one for each string) seem to have had a back plate in the shape of an elongated chevron with slight curves on the top and bottom. Also there seems to have been at some point a pair of long pickguards with flat bottoms ending at the bridge attached to the front - one on each side, making a vaguely "bell" shape.

Judging by the headstock pattern, I quite think that it's an European instrument of some sort - and also since Kay/Harmony/Old Kraftsman/Silvertones are rare here in England. If anyone has any information on identifying it, or its age, please share. ^^ Also, would anyone also have a clue as to what kind of tuners were originally used?

Now to the business part - it is generally in good condition and very playable especially regarding its age, however the front seems to have been refinished/coated with extra paint/somethingonce, and on top of which the ridges of the wood seem to have risen, so that when I run my finger across it I can feel it. I don't mind that part, however the overall finish looks dull, and is there any way to shiny it up a bit? I'm lead to think some light sanding with 1500 grit wet-and-dry, or car polish might do the job, however I'm known to be wrong and don't want to mess it up...



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Props on you too for noticing it! ^^ (I do have the poster too~)

That'd be awesome - excuse my ignorance, but I'd assume Karl Svarc is some sort of guitar-guilding deity, eh?

By the way, your bass is shiny. Massively. Good luck with it, if it's not done yet, and if you've completed it then congratulations for having something that gnarly.

Finally, I hate to ask so many questions, but - if you, Karl or anyone else knows what woods might have been used, then I'd be extra-glad~ ^^


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