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What Are The Size And Length Of The Screws For A Bolt On Neck?

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What are the size and length of the screws for a bolt on neck?

How deep should they go into the neck too?



Now go out and buy the screws, and then you'll know. Same with all your other parts. As for depth into the neck, on a 1.75" thick body (typical), common practise is to leave at least 3/8-5/8 under the neck to hold it in place. The depth measurement depends on the length of the screw and the thickness of the body/neck, all which can vary wildly.

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I mean what would be the average size be? And the average length for a screw. So I know which to buy.

Look. You're starting to get a bad reputation around here. Quit being so lazy and go look for the info yourself.

Here's the link the you need for all of your hardware questions: Stewart MacDonald

And buy your damn parts first, before you build. You're just asking for problems otherwise.

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How deep should they go into the neck too?

Depends whether or not you want 4 pointed "fret-board inlays".

You need some books. At the very least Erlewine's 'Guitar Player Repair Guide'. I'm pretty sure it has some good info about neck screws. Such as what size drill bit to use, how to plug and re-drill if the holes are stripped (or drilled wrong).

Too bad everyone on the forums doesn't first absorb all the basics, like the stuff in the books and videos. Then we could have more thought provoking messages inspired by the good solid info that's already been written (and can be had for not much money), and then many could try to expand on that information (possibly surpass it), instead of hearing bits and pieces of it for the first time, at the time they decide to start being a forumite.

(Not directed at any particular individual)

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