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Feedback On Gt-8


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ok, i've done a search to try and make a diagnoses, but i'm not really sure.

My problem is that with my new rig, new gt-8 going into the return loop of my engl screamer combo, feedback is just unbearable in high gain settings. But when i mean high-gain i don't mean high volumes, i just mean rectifier emulation with a metalzone pedal emulation for example. i keep the level so they match the other presets volume.

The fact is that when i choose other emulations i don't get that issues, but when i use too much distortion, no matter what the volume is i get so much feedback i cannot handle my sound.

i don't know if it makes sense, but for me the feedback should be joined to the volume, and it's not that much volume.

i´ve tried moving around, giving my back to the amp, playing side to the amp, different angles.

i don't think is the guitar or the cables, as i just have this problems with for example the stated combination, so i suppose it's just my ignorance. do you know what a problem could be???

thanks for any suggestion.

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na, it's not pickups, i know is something with the rest of the set-up, my question is if feedback is just joined to volume or at low volumes you can have loads LOADS of feedback with a lot of distortion.

i brought my friends newly bought les paul custom and the problem was the same, and just with this kind of patches.

i don't know if perhaps it's just too much distortion, but that's what i want, except for the feedback, any ideas??

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rectifier emulation with a metalzone pedal emulation for example.

well that'll be your problem...you're running one hight gain distortion after another, of course you're going to get lots of feedback even if you've got the volumes down low. Try turning up the gain on one of the models and switching the other for a lower gain setting (running a rectifier model into a metalzone model will probably sound awful IMHO).

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