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Changing The Scale On An Sg?

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last time in a guitar store I checked out some baritones. the guy there showed me an ESP bari which didn't have a longer neck, but a set back bridge to achieve a longer scale...

my question qould be -> if I remove the bridge from my Gibson SG and create a scale from fenderish 25.5" to whatever and put the bridge pup close to that bridge - would -i have abaritone or a changed scale or would I have sh#% / to face problems?

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The nut to bridge distance is not the only issue. You would have to rip the fretboard off and put a new one on with the fret slots cut to the appropriate scale.

Equation for Fret Position:

d = s – (s / (2 ^ (n / 12)))


d = distance from the nut

s = scale length

n = number of the fret

Therefore, for a 25.5" scale length:

d = 25.5 - (25.5/(2^(12/12)))

d = 19.125" to the twenty-fourth fret

For a 28" scale length:

d = 28 - (28/(2^(24/12)))

d = 21" to the twenty-fourth fret

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