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Back Again And Needing Some Help

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hey guys, it's been a long time since i've been on the site. i'm finally starting some projects again (when money and time allows) :D

- moding/upgrading an Esteban electric guitar (i got from a relative that doesnt play anymore) with spare parts i have..haha..i'll most pics soon.

- another project is an EVH black and white replica from used parts - got the neck and body already still need hardware and electronics.

- and this one, which i'm starting if i can find parts to restore this neck. i got a hold of this Epiphone neck but the nut was missing. i've been trying to search with no luck on what kind of guitar it came from and where i can find parts for it. i'm still a novice at building guitars so any help is appreciated. i circled the part that i'm having trouble with. looks like something is missing. i'm assuming it came from an Explorer but i couldnt find any pics of an Epiphone Explorer with a neck setup like this. I'm guessing the guitar had some kind of floyd rose since it is locking? hmm? There's a code on the back of the neck heel that reads SKB-2B ... not sure what that means.


close up


fyi: i used to be :disturbed: on this site a few years ago. i lost the password and didn't have the email i signed up with anymore. so i just decided to start a new account.....this was my last guitar project...


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it looks like that locking nut is being used behind a normal LP style plastic nut (should be able to pick one of those up at your local guitar store!).

+1 i love an easy problem to solve haha :D

oh, cool!...yeah, i'd figured it be easy for you guys to answer :D thanks a bunch!...i'll check out StewMac also.

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