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Double Neck Players/builders/enthusiests?

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im thinking its time to try something like a fretted/frettles double neck bass;

then it hit me, the only double neck ive even held was a 6/12 guitar, that was a while ago;

im gonna take a trip to a few stores and look and feel any i can find, but there are some questions i got about general preferences;

i got some ideas about the bottom bass; either i want to have it actually raised (like another topplate over the bottom git) and have the other one carve into it;

or a high bridge with a big angle on the neck and the top one barely anyting;

the idea is to be able to see both without looking around the top one.

my other question is about sizes; double guitars are wider and anyone who wants to play them realise that; but what is TOO wide?

and neck spacing; i was thinking about angling the necks to a point towards the bridges, but with the long bass scale, they would have to be far apart so they didnt cross;

this is where the 'player' would help, are they uncomfortable to play quite high? like the top neck coming infront of your shoulder while playing the bottom?

anyways, too many questions i suppose, most of the times id go for it once and figure out my mistakes later, but its technically alot of wood and id have to go somewhere else to get this wide thicknessed so trying to educate myself;

theres not much besides a few pics in the search

any help or ideas would be great!

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sounds like a mad idea

ive never thought about it but i would tackle it as a neck through and just make it one at a time for most of it

most good players have there bass pretty high although looking down onto the second neck could be a bit hard so id have the fretless on top so like u would really need to look at the fretted as much.....if that makes sense

yea im on my first build and not the greatest player but thats wat i think

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I've seen some unusual custom builds used by people such as Chris Squire of Yes. He even has one with 3 necks! They were designed differently than the usual 2 neck units. one neck was normal, the other came out of the body at a 20 degree ?? angle.

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