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How Do I Get A Satin Finish?


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hi,ok im trying to refinish an epiphone explorer in satin black.i have so far sanded down the original gloss black finish,primed it and coated it in satin black spray(sanding in between,sanded smooth before the final coat etc,getting to the point).now the finish i have got now is satin black and from a distance looks exactly how i want it but on close inspection it is not very smooth.

now i tried on a small part of the body under the scratch plate to get a better finish.i sanded down with 1200 grade wet/dry and then t-cut it.once i got all the scratches out it looked ok but kinda looked more like matt black.

i have a gibson gothic explorer wich is finished in satin black and the finish is very smooth but not matt black.i am trying to get this finish.

can someone give me a step by step guide how to do this properly?most people i have spoke to have just said 'oh sand it down to a flat matt finish,its the same thing' but it aint,it looks dull and boring.i want the finish i have got now but much smoother.

can i use satin lacquer?i mean can i just spray the guitar in matt black then use a satin lacquer,buff it up and all that then t-cut it?would this give a good result?would it be better as after playing and rubbing it it wouldnt actually be rubbing the paint to a shine?

any help would be great


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Most of the finishes you see are epoxy/polyester based.

Talc mixed in the paint will give a flattened finish but i'm not sure how durable. (I've only really used that method on model cars).

Also there is a flattening agent for most 2 part clearcoat but I have never really experimented with it.

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