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Rg Body

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Hey guys,

I've taken delivery of a Ibanez RG 270 body from fleabay and I hate the Burgundy colour. It is horrible.

I'm thinking of refinishing it using the Nitro aerosols that you can get from Manchesterguitartech.

I've been reading the info on ReRanch regarding polyurethane finishes and it's states on there that it is possible to strip the sealant off and respray directly onto the colour coat.

What kind of finish does an RG have? I'm probably going to strip the body down completely but it would be good to know so I have an idea what kind of product I'm going to need to remove the paint.

Thanks in advance


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If you're going to paint it a solid color, don't bother removing all of the finish. Just hit it with 220/320 grit paper until it's smooth. The original finish will provide a very nice base for your paint.

Also, for solid colors, I've had good sucess with using rattle-can auto paints (I use Duplicolor) for the color coats, then nitro for the clear. Be sure to test on scrap to make sure your paints don't react badly, but I've never had any problems. This is what I'm doing on my latest project. It's not done yet, but, trust me, it's going to look awesome.

Of course, if Manchester Guitar Tech has the colors you want in nitro, then you might as well use them instead. Personally, I find that auto paint is available in more colors that I like, and it's cheaper, too.

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