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Robo Sander Or Micro Mesh?


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I was thinking of purchasing a Robo Sander for my drill press and happened to see Micro Mesh drums with a plate for template use. They're about the same price (interesting), about $25 US to set up. One sands and the other creates minute chips. The mesh is probably a bit more aggressive but doesn't create the sanding mess. The mesh also creates very smooth cuts similar a scraper. I thought it might be better to use with woods like padauk which can be toxic to your lungs. Anyone have any experience with either? Any plusses or minuses for either unit? Comments? My other choice is to take a hole cutting saw and cut out some wood or plastic and screw it the bottom of a cheap drum sander so I can use it with templates.

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Micro Mesh is an abrasive; an alternative to sandpaper.

Yes, duh. Although honestly, Micromesh is sandpaper, just a particular, type, not really an alternative. But he means this thing:


Add the follower kit, and it's an alternative to the robosander, with little 'teeth'.

I like using my robosander to get within a hair of finished, and clean up using the router. A lot easier to sand/clean up routed surfaces than 80-grit non-oscillating drum sanded surfaces.

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Yup, I mean microplane. If you look at the kit details, it has the items for it to be usable for a template. I guess, since the robo sander has a few more choices on grit and the fact that there isn't the risk to flattening the drum, like on the other, it seems the sander is the way to go. I was hoping to alleviate as much dust as possible.

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