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Conductive Shielding Paint?

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I'm wiring a very simple 1 Humbucker 1 Vol to a monojack. I'm figuring I'll ground everything from the back of the pot to the post of the TOM bridge I'm using. Using a SH4 JB Seymour-Duncan, also using the Seymour-Duncan wiring diagram.

My question- if I use conductive shielding paint to shield/protect the electronics, (am I/ how am I) supposed to ground this paint?

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Copper is good as long as it doesn’t start to corrode. Have you ever seen the inside of a guitar shielded with copper that has corroded? It is a gooey, green mess.

The conductive paint will do the job ass good as copper tape or similar. It is more a question of personal preferences. The pots will ground the paint, but if you can easily make a ground tab from a piece of brass or similar and screw it to the control cavity wall. Then you paint the cavity as you would normally do. Next step is to scrape the paint of the tab and solder a ground wire to that. This can be done fith copper shielding to, but then you start with the copper, then the ground tab.

BTW I have stopped using ground tabs. The grounding via the pots are enough.

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