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  1. I have been thinking along the same lines. Altho the idea that started me was when I saw a non-reduction pantograph, were a inlay was first cut and glued upside down on a flat piece of something. Then friendly plastic were pressed down over the inlay. After it had set the FP was flipped 180 degrees and a pantograph with a dremel at the business end was used to make a very accurate cut for the inlay using a stylus the exact same size as the dremel bit as a follower in the FP. Its going to be interesting to follow this...
  2. Really valid point. Its all about the song! Great songs have been made and performed on totally inferior instruments (seasick steve, anyone?). However a great instrument is always going to be inspirational and, as fas as I'm concerned, inspire new music in a different way than an inferior one. However I doubt that the world will be able to reach a consensus on what a great instrument is, nor if wood is important or not in guitar building...
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