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  1. I have been thinking along the same lines. Altho the idea that started me was when I saw a non-reduction pantograph, were a inlay was first cut and glued upside down on a flat piece of something. Then friendly plastic were pressed down over the inlay. After it had set the FP was flipped 180 degrees and a pantograph with a dremel at the business end was used to make a very accurate cut for the inlay using a stylus the exact same size as the dremel bit as a follower in the FP. Its going to be interesting to follow this...
  2. Really valid point. Its all about the song! Great songs have been made and performed on totally inferior instruments (seasick steve, anyone?). However a great instrument is always going to be inspirational and, as fas as I'm concerned, inspire new music in a different way than an inferior one. However I doubt that the world will be able to reach a consensus on what a great instrument is, nor if wood is important or not in guitar building...
  3. Watching youtube for sound comparisons... good luck! The sound is compressed and very few of us have even half-decent speakers connected to our computers. The story proves exactly that: We want to hear a specific thing ans tend to look for the proof that support our case. Re: microphonic pickups. Her's an interesting experiment (at least somewhat scientific) that is easy to conduct at home. Connect a pickup that is un-potted to your amp, no instrument at all, just straight to the amp. Now tap the pickup with your finger, just knock on it. There will be sound produced by the pickup. Do the
  4. Generally some good points. However the assumption that pickups are not microphonic are not 100% accurate. You have a full range from "completely dead" pickups to "extremely microphonic" when considering how much they react to actual vibrations in addition to the change in magnetic field. You can add a metal cover or have the wire in the coil(s) really loose and the pickup will scream from feedback (in a very un-musical way) if you use even a touch of gain or play at sound level just slightly above bedroom level. That feedback is a reaktion to the pickup reacting to physical vibrations, so for
  5. Jointing plates - whether it is a decorative top for a solidbody or the soundboard/back for an acoustic - are essential jobs in a guitar workshop. Up until now I have tackled these jobs by clamping a beam to my table top, laying the plate halves on the bench, placing a small baton under the joint and clamping a second beam to snug things up, then apply glue, remove the baton and thus creating enough clamping pressure. This is tedious and time consuming. Enter the LMI plate jointing jig! The jig comes unassembled and is made out of sturdy plywood. The parts have a snug fit although there are so
  6. Today's luthiers have at their disposal a bewildering array of tools and jigs to perform measurements of their instruments whilst under construction and during set-up. One such tool that has been developed in recent years to help simplify the process of setting up a guitar is a Nut Slot Depth Gauge or String Height Gauge. These tools enable a more accurate and direct measurement of the string height over the first fret by providing a real-time readout of the distance. Traditionally the string height is checked by depressing the string at the third fret and checking the distance between the str
  7. I hate to break it too you... but you missed one of the magnets there. You have to start over again
  8. 169 downloads

    2D CAD for 6P6T Free-Way Switch
  9. 179 downloads

    2D CAD for Wide Range HB
  10. 279 downloads

    2D CAD for Tele neck pickup
  11. 267 downloads

    2D CAD for Stratocaster Tele bridge pickup
  12. 372 downloads

    2D CAD for Stratocaster pickup incl body rout
  13. 136 downloads

    2D CAD for Stratocaster pickup 7-string version
  14. 225 downloads

    2D CAD for P-bass pickups incl body rout
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