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I'm an inquisitive crow. I see something bright and shiny and take it home to my nest. :D I'm still painting my friend's mother's house, living room this time. It took a while for her to box up all the junque, books, magazines, clothes, knitting yarn, and no place else to put it, I always find somewhere tho. This job definitely IS a painter's nightmare, but I'm soldiering on.

Anyway, I pulled the couch away from the wall and amidst the dust balls, MORE magazines and general crap I find a little pile of antique silverware. They are in pretty rough shape, silver is extremely tarnished and bent up and handles broken off and chipped. She was in the process of tossing them in the garbage when I spoke up and said WHOA THERE! The handles were definitely solid antique mother of pearl. You don't find stuff like this just anywhere. I figure the actual silverware pieces, mostly knives, were beyond repair. OK, maybe I will do a little research and make sure they are not Louis XVI pieces, but otherwise they be going into guitars! :D Some pieces are just big enough to carve a nut, others to be used for fb inlays, etc.


A little search and I find pretty much the exact same thing on eBay, they are condiment knives

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From digging through Mom and Grandma's boxes of old buttons :


That's all the real shell, with the big buttons being 1-3/8" across.

There was also lots of plastic pearl buttons, which look the same as the hard to find plastic pearl dot inlays I often need.

If you got your act together on being able to cut plugs out of this stuff, you're all set.

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