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Carvin Acoustic

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I'm in the market for an six string acoustic guitar and being a teenager i have little income.

I was looking on the Carvin website and was listening to sound clips of their acoustic guitars.

They seem to have the best tone for my price limit of about $400. Do you guys think it to be a good buy?

I haven't seen them anywhere near me and because of that can't test play them.

I know for a fact Carvin has very high standards and doesn't release anything unless it is flawless.

heres some links



sound clips:

C250 Colbat and C350 Colbat


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They're just a rebranded Cort made in Korea. Sound clips are great, but it's always best to try before you buy. Best acoustic guitar under $500 I've ever owned is the Taylor BigBaby. Solid top, ebony bridge and fretboard, arched back, and made in El Cajon, CA.

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Find the basic size and features you want. Then go out and start playing as many as you can till you find the one that sounds good to you. There are a lot of very well built acoustics out there in that price range(seriously). The trick to generic manufacturing is that the bracing and wood is not adjusted to get the most out of it. They have to use some reference spec. and this is based on the best averages they can come up with. They are also going to build a little heavy to make sure they are stable even if the wood falls to the weaker end of the averages. Trust your ears to sort through the guitars and find the one that strikes the best balance for you. A funny thing about those generic specs is that sometimes the weakest woods prove to produce the best balance because of the slightly heavy construction. Again use your ears and get what sounds good. You can't trust specs because every piece of wood is unique.


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