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Fixing Sandthrough?

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I am using a alchohal based cherry red stain after I sprayed vinyl sealer I got a runan sanded it out but whhile sanding sanded throught to wood in a little spot so I put som stain in that area and resprayed the sealer but you can still see the sand through because it's lighter is it possible to put stain over the sealer and spray more sealer to darken a area cause I would prefer not to have to sand down to wood again.

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I've been there myself. Wrecked many a stain job by trying to sand out runs etc. . The problem is sandpaper is not very forgiving. You might remove the run but the surface surrounding that area will also get sanded down, very dangerous ground.

Any runs, sags and drips should be left to dry until you can just dent with your fingernail, feels like warm plastic. Then gently cut off the offending item with a very sharp razor almost flush to the surrounding surface. Then some gentle localized sanding with fine (400 or finer) paper.

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