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I had never heard of the Variax before. I know the amp modeling has been the trend lately but I had not heard of the guitar modeling before.

Who are they targeting the Variax with? Are they expecting the younger / kids or are they expecting experienced musicians to buy this stuff?

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I have a friend that works at LINE 6 that aluded to the fact that the "guts" could be put into another guitar, but that LINE 6 was not going to allow that option

I bet there would be a market for VARIAC replacement bodies

The ONLY thing that has kept me from getting one of these is the P.O.S. guitar & neck

The electronics & sounds are AMAZING!!

If you haven't tried one out..I HIGHLY recomend it!

It's a great recording tool

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I gather the bulk of the users are experienced recording musicians

That wouldn't have been my guess but then again, I'm not one of them. I would have thought that experienced musicians would prefer to use the real thing rather than the electronic "equivalent". It seemed more like something that players who couldn't afford to have a guitar collection but wanted to play around would want.

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I think their target consumer is the studio guitarist. The guy who one day needs to add a country style backing track with a tele sound and a strat style solo, then the next rock riffing with a les paul through marshall sound. Its much more convienent and cost effective to do this with one guitar rather than mutiple. I'm not sure what the price is, but I'm sure its prohibitive for the average 16 year old to purchase.


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