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Cannister Spray Paint Vs Spray Gun


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pros and cons for each?

all i can think of is spray cans are a lot cheaper...

but I hate how my index finger gets tired really fast, and if my finger blocks the spray, i get big splotches all over.

what are the pros and cons of each, especially spray guns? i'm gonna start a project in about a week and i don't know if I should buy spray guns for just one project.

also, can I reuse spray guns with different colors?


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Too many pros and cons to list for each spraying method here. Do a search in the finishing section of this forum and start reading. There IS quality rattlecan paint and I've seen / done half decent finishes with rattlecans but its outweighed by better, more even finishes with spray guns. If you aren't fussy then just grab a rattlecan and start shooting. If you are after something more "perfect" then do the time to prep (its said that 80% of a good finishing job is whats underneath), mix, thin and / or harden your paint and keep your equipment sparkling clean afterwards. You can shoot any color you want so long as you clean your lines, dissassemble the gun and clean each piece after every use. I don't own a spray setup (yet) but there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining and running one.

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The quality difference between the finish from a good spray gun is worth a little cleaning. I generally do not take my guns all the way down unless there is a reason or it has just been awhile. My Iwata lph50 was just cleaned fully for the first time in 3 months. Most guns can be cleaned by running the appropriate thinner through the gun several times. The paint does not really go anywhere that the thinner cannot clean. If you only have one gun for prime, color and clear cleaning is more critical. I have a dedicated gun for each so not as much of an issue other than gun performance.

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FYI: cans are only cheaper in the short run. A second-hand compressor and a cheapie Harbour Freight HVLP will save you money after only 4 or 5 guitars, if not sooner, depending on finish. The finish itself is the expensive thing.

To me this is the main decider. I don't do much of this so I've used the cans and they've worked fine for me. The plastic gun pictured above is a good thing to get because it does change the feel of using the cans. They are at most homecentres and I got mine at Walmart. To leave part of a can, turn it upside down and spray until it runs clear. This is one of the advantages of cans; it is quick to setup and stop. No equipment clean up. Either way, be careful of the vapours. if you don't have a ventilated booth, be outside when it is calm. Paint is one thing but if you are using laquer, definately get a filtered mask, even when outside.

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