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Noob Questions....

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Hey peeps...

Got a few Ideas for guitar building.... been planning for years to do something like this but will only attempting it for the first time shortly...

Found loads of good stuff out there and have good ideas on how to paint and finish off etc...

For my first build I'm just gonna buy a tele kit... everything included... costing around £70... I know the guitar will probably suck but I wanna start on something crappy rather than splashing out on a £200 body that's been prepped and made properly only to destroy it within 5 minutes...

I have one Idea... which I'm going to keep mostly quiet.... but involves artwork that there's no way I could paint on myself...

I was wondering if I got the atrwork professionally printed so I could pretty much just stick it on the guitar is there any way that I could get a top coat smooth so that it doesn't just look like i've glued on a bit of paper? for example as if it was part of the finish?

I've seen people cover their guitars with stickers and it's something similar I'm planning but rather than have them ontop of the laquer I'd like them under the laquer... fully preserved... would I be able to have a smooth finish or will every edge stick out a mile?

as i say before be sure to shoot me down if it's gonna look like a piece of turd... (unless that's the look I'm going for!!!)


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