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Olp/music Man Replacement Necks...

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"Music Man Basses® / G&L Basses®

These basses do not share compatibility with the Fender™ dimensions. Warmoth does not currently offer necks to fit these basses."

Bah, the bassplayer of a band I was in smashed the bass at a show, but the body and electronics are still great, I wish I could just find a neck

Ebay's not helping me either.

Thanks for the reply though

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Does the OLP have a 4, 5 or 6 bolt neck plate? I work at the Music Man factory, and was told today that they will replace a neck for a reasonable price. $300 is what i think my coworker said was the price. Now i know you said it was an OLP copy, but maybe if you contact our factory they may be able to help with sourcing a replacement. You never know.

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