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The Right Jig Saw?

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I plan to cut my first few bodies with a jig saw and I would like to know whats the right one I am on a tight budget so am shopping around does it have to be large? Or would this work to cut the body Link or would I have to go something larger(and of course more expensive like this Link

What ever your suggeations are maybe I will go with used and just hope it works if it gets to pricey....


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Here's a brief overview of what to look for in a jigsaw


If you're on a budget, go with what you can get. Read reviews online, such as amazon, or some shop magazines that review tools, and maybe even a consumer report website (you might need to pay though). If you hate the tool, you can return it because some tool stores have great return policies.

My mom bought a jobmate drill, because maybe at least once a year she needs to use it. It's not the best drill, I would never take it on the jobsite, but to drill a few holes why not? Driving with it sucks. Sometimes its not so much the tool, just the tool who's using it :D

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There are several big problems with cheap jigsaws. The most relevant is that you'll get a lot of blade deflection, even if you use good blades. With a cheap jigsaw on tight curves in 1 3/4" stock you can expect the tip of the blade to wander as much as 1/2" or more. So stay away from the lines you eventually want to be the outline of your guitar!

That said, if it's all you can afford, it's all you can afford - just make sure to budget for a router or rasps and sandpaper to work down to your final dimensions.

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