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Replace An 22neck To An 24 Fretted Neck

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any one have an opinion if its possible if im switching neck that fits neck pocket on my charvel/jackson

i like the guitar so much but my other guitars all have 24 frets so i need all to be the same

What could happen with the scale length?

is it possible?

Opinions opinions?????

and my ordinairy neck only have dots to so sharkfins is on the table to but thats just a bonus!

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as long as the scale length remains the same it won't be a problem but you might need to make the neck pocket longer to fit the neck....& that might cause problems with the neck pickup. Basically the distance from the fingerboard side of the nut to the saddles (scale length) must remain the same (probably 25.5"), if you can do that with the new neck then it shouldn't be a problem but I expect that the neck itself will be longer to accept the 2 extra frets so you'll need to set it deeper into the body & that's where you might encounter problems.

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no, not if you mean just installing the longer neck without compensating for the scale. The frets will be in the wrong place for the scale length & you won't be able to intonate the guitar...as you play up the neck it will get more & more out of tune.

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Stupid question!

but i have to ask

does it work with longer scale length?

if i dont make longer neck pocket?

I think you might need to do a little more research on this. Search scale length.

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