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Varitone -> Tone + ~q-filter


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I've been doodling schematics for a control set up. Using a 2 deck DP6T rotary switch, I'm trying to layout (sans values) how to use the first five positions to have a varitone and a standard tone control with possibly different caps of the tone control based on the varitone setting, and to use the last position to put in a q-filter like setting.

Problem is, I don't know the order of the LCRs.

Is the varitone : Coil to varying caps to ground, in parallel with a 250k to ground?

And is the Q-filter: Coil and cap in parallel, to the pot wiper/variable resistor to ground also in parallel to a 250k to ground?

If that is correct, I think I can get this and use the pull DPDT on the tone pot to bypass the 5 varitone choices so they can be flipped on mid song, and I'd have 4 controls total counting the pickup selector switch.



PS) Why do the 42TL021 transformers at mouser give inductance in ohms? I don't know how to interpret that???

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OK, No replies, but I've been thinking about this, and I don't think that the q-filter is what I said. It doesn't make sense. I'm guessing the q-filter is very close to the varitone but it sounds like it has a smaller inductance so less resistance to passing the lows, or the cut is at a higher frequency, and maybe the cap is bigger so the high cut is greater. It also sounds like the varitone is a switch, but the q-filter is a high cut or notch with a varying resistance to ground.


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