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Wiring Picups Problem Help!


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I just swapped some pickups in one of my guitars (highway one fender strat) and I plugged it in to test (without strings on) and it is ok seems fine... they make noise when i tap on them... but when i turn it up a bit it squeels like a pig getting stabbed. Could this be because I'v got no strings on it? I replaced the bridge and middle pickups with pups from a kramer from the 80s to test them out. And the neck pup (the one i didnt touch) also squeels. Can anyone help me out with this?

Another question... I couldnt get the soder off of the pots, so I had to clip the old pickup wires than soder the new ones onto. How cant I get old soder off pots? Is my soder pen thing, not hot enough?


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Sounds to me like your pick-ups have gone micro-phonic or they are single coils and you have the amp really cranked.

Your soldering iron probably isn't getting hot enough as you suspected.

mm thanks, well I played it at normal volume levels and they squeeled... just not at low levels. Even the pickup I didnt touch or change did it... Should I try putting the new strings on and test it.. or should I rip her open and trouble shoot?

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Solder on pots? Its not easy to remove without lots of heat. I try to melt as much as possible then quickly wipe with steel wool. Keep doing that until clean.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...more heat? NO!!!

Take your soldering (that's solder, not soder) iron and melt a little blob of solder on the tip. Touch it to the old solder and flow some more fresh solder on the area. This should melt the old solder and you should be able to use either an extractor bulb or wick to remove it.

Think about it. How would you melt an ice cube faster? By touching it with just a hot poker or immersing it in boiling water? You get the idea.

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