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More fabric refins

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Ok, since I'm almost done with it, I may as well post pics :D



Jackson Dave Mustaine sig King V Pro in Snakeskin :D

All I got left is to do the sides and give it a coupla coats of sealer/glue, then put the hardware back on. It took me about 6-8 weeks to get this far with it since I wanted to think about each step before committing to it, unlike with the Zebra Star where I halfway thought about it and changed my mind after the fact.

But anyway, doing a neckthrough presents an interesting challenge - the neck heel. This one is really curvaceous (as opposed to the early neckthroughs that had a larger set-neck or bolt-on-sized heel), so getting the fabric to conform to the neck AND still be attached to the body section took a little doing, but it's done. The back is all one piece of fabric from the head to the wingtips - no patching. I'll have to add very small patches near the heel (for the relief cuts) but those won't be bigger than 1/2" at the widest point, and maybe 3/4" long at most.

I also converted it from the original Kahler 3310 fixed bridge to a stopbar/tunamagic bridge :D

Anyway, of course I didn't take progress pics (silly me :D) but if anyone's got a neckthrough they want done, drop me a line if you need a hand getting that heel area done B)

I'm also working on a neat trick to cutting a straight line to remove the excess fabric off the neck sides, but leaving a smooth seam next to the binding. One screw-up on that part and I'd have to strip it and restart since it's impossible to patch B) but I WILL take detailed pics of that part B)

Anyhoo, thanks, Brian, for posting that tutorial on Fabric Refins - you've saved me literally thousands in refin costs (and no, I won't send you the money I've saved B) ) B)


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