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Ibanez Edge Pro Rout

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I'm planning a new project for the summer involving the old ibanez radius plans and a new edge pro bridge. Does anyone know where I could find measurements of the edge pro rout? I need to make some adjustments to the plans, because they are made for an old edge style bridge (I believe..). I could measure these my self from the actual unit once I get it (and probably will just to check), but this would speed things up a bit for now. So, what are the differences? Thanks in advance!

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(cough)pinned topic right above this one(cough)

.. doesn't have anything about the trem in question. Or at least I couldn't find anything, and since I don't think it's a good idea to post questions in a pinned topic, I decided to post a new one :D. That topic should be cleaned from all the unrelated replies, since I could only find eight different trem routs + a link to the rest of the official floyds routs. It has 38 posts..

Of those eight, four are from Ibanez guitars, one is the old edge and three don't specify the trem in question, and so are quite useless. I'd also need some sort of measurement of how far from the nut are the trem anchors.

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